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Various Va Nasty Rockabilly - The Box (10-CD)

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(Be-Sharp) 310 titres (1950s) Coffret (25cm10') avec 28 pages 10'25 cm livret couleur de photos à...plus

Various: Va Nasty Rockabilly - The Box (10-CD)

(Be-Sharp) 310 titres (1950s) Coffret (25cm10') avec 28 pages 10'25 cm livret couleur de photos à chaud et de plans d'étiquettes.

Propriétés de l'article: Various: Va Nasty Rockabilly - The Box (10-CD)

  • Interpret: Various

  • Titre de l'album: Va Nasty Rockabilly - The Box (10-CD)

  • Genre Rock'n'Roll

  • Année de publication 2011
  • Label BE! Records

  • Edition 2 Box Set
  • Artikelart CD

  • EAN: 4000127706553

  • Poids en kg: 1
Various - Va Nasty Rockabilly - The Box (10-CD) CD 1
01 My Woman MANSO, Burrie
02 It Ain't A Big Thing NOIE, Danny & CATALINAS
03 I Need It MCCOY, Ray
04 A Car CHICK, Tony
05 Stop The World SHELTON, Gary
06 Hong Kong Mississippi HENRY, Henry
07 Honey Do You Think Of Me LONESOME DRIFTER
08 Confusin' MCBRIDE, Lee
09 Born To Ramble LOREN, Keith
10 Big Berry (Boss Man Guitar) BIG DADDY G
11 When You Said Goodbye ARNOLD, Jerry
12 Annie Mae DEWITT, Bobby
13 Dry Eyed Baby BEAM, Tommy Jim
14 Aaaaaahhhhh! WITTER, Jimmy
15 Rockin Beat TEX NEIGHBORS
16 I'm So Lonesome Baby SMITH, Kenny
17 She's Gone From Me SMITH, Bobby
18 Three Years HAROLD & OFFBEATS
19 You Are The One VOLK, Dennis
20 No No Baby FERRIER, Al
21 Take My Love WRAY, Jimmy
22 Worried About You Baby HUMPHRIES, Maylon
23 Come On Baby KIRKLAND, Jimmy
24 Cute Chick ECHOMORES
25 Meet Miss Susie CLEARY, Eddie
26 Fool About You DARREN, Danny
27 A Burning Coal UNKNOWN ARTIST
28 Ain't Going That Route TEX NEIGHBORS
29 Oriental Nightmare RODNEY & BLAZERS
30 Honey Blonde ELLIS, Ronnie
31 Rita-Juanita NEWMAN, Wayne
Various - Va Nasty Rockabilly - The Box (10-CD) CD 2
01 Hootchie Coochie Girl MASK, James
02 Rock The Blues Away JACK & KNIGHTS
03 Watcha Gonna Do THOMPSON, Hayden
04 Slow Down Sandy QUINTEROS, Eddie
05 I'm Gone RICKELS, Rick
06 Why Did You Leave Me CREW
07 Too Many Girl Friends BLEDSOE, Steve
08 White Felt Hat WAYNE, Little Jackie
09 There Ain't Nothing True About You BOBBY NELSON QUARTETT
10 Why'd You Leave Me EDWARDS, Jimmy
11 Whole Lotta Shakin' GARO, Tony
12 You Gonna Go Away RICKELS, Rick
13 Crazy Little Heart HOLLY, Brenda
14 Guitar Pickin' Man DEE, Jimmy
15 Jackson Dog BRINKLEY, Larry
17 In My Teens DILLON, Artie
18 Fool I Am FERGUSON, Pat
19 Daddy Joe CIOLINO, Pete
20 Eager Lips HUCKABY, Gary
21 Time DAVIS, Al
22 Go Boy Go STEVENS, Jesse
23 Mama REED, Earl
24 Hey Now Baby LEE, Billy
25 Rock-A-Bye Baby RIDLEY, Jimmy
26 Spin The Bottle (alter. take) JOY, Benny
28 Woke Up This Morning RICE, Eldon
29 Drunk Driver's Coming RICHARD BROTHERS
31 Betty Jo BRAZELL, Nicky
Various - Va Nasty Rockabilly - The Box (10-CD) CD 3
01 Babysitter Boogie GUNN, Stann
02 I'll Give You All My Love BERRY, Ron
03 Pretty Baby Rock MAYO, Danny
04 Crazy Blues BLEVINS, Bill
05 Staying Home Tonight WHITE, Joe L.
06 Flipsville STORMY GAYLE
07 Whiskey River CARROLL, Johnny
08 If I Had Me A Woman VALE, Blacky
09 Wicked Woman GAMBLE, Johnny
10 I Like To Go MACK, Floyd
11 Hey Baby DENTON, Johnny
12 You Shake Me WAYNE, Jimmy
13 Rock Ya Baby MCCRORY, Jim
14 Move On Down The Track FLETCHER, Floyd
15 Chick Chick DEAN, Junior & AVALONS
16 Coming Up WAGGONER, Mike & BOPS
17 Pretty Linda OWEN, Rudy
18 She Left Me Crying HARRIS, Dinky
19 Midnight Dreams BELL, Tommy
20 If You Want My Love LAWSON, Bobby
21 Down 'n' Broke LEE, Billy
22 Scream NIELSEN, Ralph
23 Little Willie DERAN, Ritchie
24 Lovin' Baby PERKINS, Howard
25 Long Grey Highway THAYER, Frank
26 Mean Cat Daddy JACKSON, Harold
27 She's Just That Kind FOWLER, Buck
29 Boogie Man DODGERS
30 Jitterbug Joe NIGHT HAWKS
31 Boogie Children FRED, John & PLAYBOYS
Various - Va Nasty Rockabilly - The Box (10-CD) CD 4
01 Betty Ann CRUISERS
02 Bop & Stroll CAGLE, Aubrey
03 The Ballad Of Hank Gordon GARRISON, Glenn
04 I Thought About You RHODES, Darrell
05 She's My Woman ROBERTS, Bobby
06 Midnight Train NEWMAN, Wayne
07 Sloppy Sloppy Suzie CURLEY JIM
08 Go Cat Go JACKSON, Harold
09 I Don't Know CRISS, Gene
10 Blue Fire ELLIS, Don
11 Only Cowgirl In Town BARR, Glenn
12 Hubba Hubba Ding Ding MALOY, Vince
13 Go Jenny MARTINDALE, Donnie
14 Baby Baby Doll JOHNSON, Stan
15 Be My Baby JOHNSON, F. D.
16 Go Baby Go DAVIS, Al
17 Bang Band MORELAND, Tommy
18 I've Got It RALPH
19 Women Train DAVIS, Hank & ELECTRAS
20 It's All Your Fault WILDER, Farris
21 Helen Jo EAGER, Clay
22 Brush Pile Burn KELLER, Jimmy
23 B. O. Rock LA POINTE, Perry
24 You're Not Mine WHITE, Harold
25 Country Boy RELYEA'S
26 I've Been A Bad Bad Boy KINGBEATS
27 Yeah Baby SMITH, Betty
28 It Will Be Me BOUNTY, Rick
29 Lonely MCDOWELL, Bobby
30 Long Pony Tail TOM & TORNADOES
31 Vibrations ROYAL JOKERS
Various - Va Nasty Rockabilly - The Box (10-CD) CD 5
01 Who's That Big Man MITCHELL, Lee
02 You're Wrong GARMON, Johnny
03 Little Girl EVERHART, Bobby
04 I Wanta Make Love DOBSON, Leroy
05 50 Megatons RUSSELL, Sonny
06 If You Wanna Be My Baby DANNY & GALAXIES
07 Run Along Little Girl CASSELL, Tommy
08 If I Had Me A Woman WATSON, Buddy
09 My Baby Don't Rock Me WESTBERRY, Kent
10 I Hear Thunder BALLENGER, Paul
11 Goodbye Little Star BAKER, Kenny
12 When Sin Stops NIGHTHAWKS
13 I Was A Teenage Caveman LUCK, Randy
14 Four Four Time WALTON, Charles
15 I Knew LE GAULT, Hank
16 Rock & Roll Mama JAMES, Roy
17 I Wanna Dance All Night WILEY, Chuck
18 Ain't That Loving You Baby WRAY, Link
19 Hot Rockin' Baby STORMY & STALLIONS
20 Baby It's Too Much WALL, Bobby
21 Jukebox Rock SEATON, Dick
22 Sugaree DIAZ, Carlos
23 Brand New Rock And Roll SANDERS, Curley
24 Flagpole Rock ROLLER, Lonesome Long John
25 Satellite Fever & Asiatic Flu MILEY, Lonnie
26 It Ain't What You Got CASSELL, Tommy
27 Hot Rod Boogie KITCHEN, Jack
28 Walkin' Shoes RAY, Nelson
29 Justine LLOYD, Adrian
30 Restricted HANCHEY, Donald
31 Jim Dandy SPADES
Various - Va Nasty Rockabilly - The Box (10-CD) CD 6
01 Rockin' Rochester TEMPESTS
02 Baby Baby BOP CATS
03 I Wonder If You Wonder KIRKLAND, Jimmy
04 Four City Rock LEWIS, Peter
05 They're Learning PRATT, Lynn
06 Tom Cat Daddy's Blues THREE RAMBLERS
07 Willie Joe MYSTERY TRIO
08 Square Town DARTS
09 Shame LEGAULT, Hank
10 You Ain't No Good For Me LEE, Jimmy
11 That Girl Of Mine (Demo) CUPP, Pat
12 I Love My Baby WAYNE, Bobby
13 Will Travel WILLIS, Rod
15 Bluest Boy In Town GRAY, Phil
16 Runnin' And Chasin' RHODES, Darrell
17 Sugar Tree PAGE, Allen
18 Eloping ENGLAND, Benny
19 Little Bitty Girl BELL, Bill
20 She's A Moonlighter CARLTON, Johnny
21 Rock An Roll Tonight THREE RAMBLERS
22 Tick Tock CALLOWAY, Bob
24 Red Hot Car VERNE, Bobby
25 I Guess It's Meant That Way CUPP, Pat
26 I'm Not Movin' WHEATLEY, Paul
27 I Need You Baby WESTON, George
28 Thunder Head TEDDY & ROUGH RIDERS
29 Stella Got A Fellow FIREFLIES
30 The Shape You Left Me STRICKLAND, Bill
Various - Va Nasty Rockabilly - The Box (10-CD) CD 7
01 A Woman Can Make Me Blue PORTER, Royce
03 Hop Skip And Jump DEL-MINGOS
04 The Grave CASANOVA, Tony
05 My Queen And Me LENNY & STAR CHIEFS
06 Hey Blues HICKMAN, Beecher
07 Black Cadillac WALLACE, Sonny
10 Starlight HUDDLE, Jack
11 Wild Wild Lover JOY, Benny
12 Red Chevrolet CREW
13 Baby Don't Be That Way LAWSON, Bobby
14 Come Over Rover MOONEY, Glenn
15 Rock Pretty Mama ADAMS, Billy
16 Bright Lights (diff. version) DEE, Dixie
17 She's My Baby ALAIMO, Steve
18 Cajun Queen ESCORTS
19 Yeah Yeah Come Another Day CASANOVA, Tony
20 Rock Along Time RATLIFF, Bozo
21 Flying Saucers THUNDERBIRDS
23 Baby By Rock STARR, Winnie & OMAHA KID
24 Hey Hey Baby PLANK, Lucky
25 As My Heart Is To You JAMES, Bob
26 My Love For You Is Petrified STARR, Jack
27 Campus Cutie PERKINS, Billy
28 Cindy Lou TERRY, Gene
29 Bald Headed Baby SHARPE, Buddy
30 Travelin' FRANCIS, Jim
Various - Va Nasty Rockabilly - The Box (10-CD) CD 8
01 Little Girl PAULEY, Everett
02 Sleighbell Rock THREE ACES & JOKER
03 Messed Up SWING, Bill
04 3-4 Nights BOND, Johnny
05 Corvette Baby CASS, Bob
06 I'm A Madman WARD, Willie
07 Romeo's Teacher DUNCAN, Lanny
08 I Got Me A Woman MILLER, Buddy
09 The Catalina Push CATALINAS
10 Guitar Picker LUMAN, Bob
11 Heartless Woman ALLERS, Ron
12 Rocking The Blues BOWMAN, Leon
13 Real Gone Baby EDWARDS, Alvie
16 Please Have Mercy DANE, Jimmy
17 Little Bit Lonesome ROSS, Charles
18 I Feel So Bad REASON, Rick
19 Ittie Bitty Betty WEAVER, Derry
21 Pretty Jane ROBINSON, Mark
22 The Martian Boogie FRANKIE & MARGIE
23 Honeybun WALP, Glenn & CASUALS
24 Crazy About You MALOY, Vince
25 The Bug DALLMAN, Jerry
26 Mixed Up Rhythm & Blues TAYLOR, Johnny
27 Hurry ROBBINS, Robbie
29 Bandstand Step RIMFIRES
30 Let's Do It FLIPPO, Lawrence
31 Cruisin' BUCKY & PREMIERS
Various - Va Nasty Rockabilly - The Box (10-CD) CD 9
02 Baggie Maggie HENRY, Henry
03 I Don't Like It TRAVIS, Dave
05 Tornado Twist TORNADOES
06 Across The Bay RICHIE, Joe
07 Guitar Man WAGGONER, Mike & BOPS
08 Mary Ann WRAY, Link
09 Doggone It Baby! ROCK-A-TEENS
10 Boppin Guitar MELTON, Ray
11 Nitebeats Are Rocking NITEBEATS
12 So Long ROXTERS
13 Do The Bop Bop Bop HORLICK, Maynard
14 Rock And Roll Dot TEX NEIGHBORS
15 Gee Whiz Miss Liz JACKSON, Marvin
16 I Don't Dig It MCALLISTER, Mike
17 Granny Tops 'Em At The Hop GRADY, Bob
18 Preacher Man JIVE KINGS
19 Our Love Will Last ZAMBON, Francis
20 Too Too Many WORTHAN, John
21 All Night Long FULLER, Johnny
22 Rootie Tootie Baby MITCHELL, Lee
23 Teenie Weenie Man WHEELER, Danny
24 Mind Your Own Business STORMY & STALLIONS
25 Baby You Just Wait SPIRALS
26 Teen Lover REYNOLDS, Eddie
27 Jump And Shout GUITAR JEFF
28 Destination Love DAVIS, Jan
29 Haunted Heart LION, Johnny
30 Traveling Sam SMITH, Roberts
31 Walkin' Out BRYAN, Jerry
Various - Va Nasty Rockabilly - The Box (10-CD) CD 10
01 Frankie & Johnny DEAN, Donnie
02 Hillbilly Blues CLEAR WATERS
03 Thinkin' 'Bout Your Love DRESSER, Lee
04 Johnny Machine SMITH, Billy
05 Werewolf WARREN, Garry
06 Little Bitty Boy HULIN, T. K.
07 Honey Honey Honey AVON & RAVE-ONS
08 Love Me (alter. take) PHANTOM
09 Ford And Shaker GALLAGHER, James
10 I Sure Do Love You Baby STACY, Clyde
11 Ruby Lee DEAN, Donnie
12 Jump Into The River SHARPE, Buddy
14 Feel So Good CARROLL, Bill
15 Jimbo Twist HOWARD, Jim
16 Lovers Lane Blues HARBIN, Tommy
17 She's Mine MONARCHS
18 She's All Mine TYLER, Chuck
19 Mystery Train WALEEN, Johnny
20 Beat Out My Love (alter.) DRESSER, Lee
21 Don't Call Me Flyface REEKERS
22 Marlene SONICS
23 Crazy Date CRAZY TEENS
24 That Jim BEERS, Mackey
25 Crazy Lover BARTON, Billy
26 Satellite Baby STANLEY, Skip
27 Should I Care ALAIMO, Steve
28 Train To Satanville GILLETTE, Gin
29 Don't Let Go VICE-ROYS
30 I'm Leaving DROPOUTS
31 Wanted, Dead Or Alive WILSON, Curtis
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Various Artist on Bear Family

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Évaluations de clients pour "Va Nasty Rockabilly - The Box (10-CD)"
7 mai 2023


This is an awesome collection of not so well-known artists, not rare but these are not your standard fare songs or artists. Just when you think the songs all start sounding alike, they change it up and bring you right back in. This is a splendid collection I and highly recommend it to true coinsurers of this style of music. Even the 50's style pornography is fitting for the era, Enjoyable booklet and sleeves are a nice touch. Finally, my only suggestion is that they could have used a little thicker cover stock for the sleeves.I would love to see a Nasty Rockabilly Box Set 2 in the future PLEASE. Set up in the same manner. Would love to own this collection on vinyl but it appears to have only been put out in a very limited quantity. a re-release would be awesome. and I'd surely ad this to my album collection. TWO THUMBS UP for sure!

12 juil. 2020

Rockabilly must.

Excellent box set, sound quality very good, art work interesting! it's a pity that recording dates are missing.

4 janv. 2020

Excellent record

Un superbe coffret de CD avec des titres fantastiques et des très bon enregistrements... un coffret absolument essentiel à avoir dans sa collection pour les amoureux de musique des années 50. Je recommande vraiment !!! :-)

25 oct. 2019


wie schon der Name sagt-schmutziger und rarer Rockabilly für Sammler ein Pflichtkauf!!

30 juil. 2018

Nasty Rockabilly - The Box

Die etwas andere Rockabilly CD Box.
Das Begleitbuch bzw. die 50er Jahre Pin-Up Fotos (18+), würde ich wie folgt beschreiben:


Darf in keiner Sammlung fehlen!


26 nov. 2017


A very good collection item. Fast delivery, goods in perfect condition.

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