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Joe Clay

In a brief recording career spanning just one solitary month in the Spring of 1956, Joe Clay cut this collection of savage, wild, primeval rockabilly music. He never came close to achieving hit status, despite an appearance on American TV's prestigious Ed Sullivan Show and his contract with Vik Records, a subsidiary of RCA Victor, was never renewed. He seemed destined to be no more than a footnote in rock 'n' roll history but the quality of his work would not allow him to be completely forgotten 

By the early Eighties his old records were changing hands at alarming prices and reissues on RCA (GB) and Bear Family introduced his name to a new audience born too late to rock 'n' roll the first time round. But just who was Joe Clay and where was he to be found? Nobody even knew if he was dead or alive and European fans could only pour over the one known photo of Joe - a faded, indistinct black and white print of him standing alongside Elvis Presley at the Louisiana Hayride.

As the years passed Joe Clay acquired cult status. His music was just too good to be ignored and British promoters searched high and low for him. Eventually he was found playing in a local band in New Orleans under his real name of Claiborne Joseph Cheramie. Music had become only a sideline because Joe Clay, the snarrling rockabilly singer, now earned his living as a school bus driver, cruising the Jefferson Parish School bus route 418 through Gretna, Louisiana.

Joe's re-emergence became a major news story right across America and he was interviewed, and even photographed astride his bus, guitar in hand. They even talked of filming his life story. Promoter, Willie Jeffery, brought him to Europe where he played to capacity crowds in England, Holland and Sweden. Further tours have followed and a whole new career opened up to Joe, all because of these timeless nuggets of pure rockabilly gold. Sixteen Chicks, Ducktail, Slipping Out And Sneaking In - classic records that should be a part of everybody's collection.

Ian Wallis

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Ducktail (CD)
Joe Clay: Ducktail (CD) Art-Nr.: BCD15516

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Ce sont parmi les plus légendaires enregistrements les rockabilly de tous les temps, et - jusqu'à ce que nous l'avons trouvé - Joe Clay était un des grands mystères de rockabilly. Qui était-il Où est-il allé Où était-il de ce jeu a...
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Clay, Joe Duck Tail (180gram vinyl)
Joe Clay: Clay, Joe Duck Tail (180gram vinyl) Art-Nr.: BAF18002

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Vinyle de 180 grammes. DMM (Direct Metal Mastering) Disc Cutting : Günter Pauler chez Pauler Acoustics, Northeim, Allemagne ; masterisé par Bob Jones, pressé par Pallas, Diepholz. Au cours d'une brève carrière d'enregistrement d'un seul...
17,95 € 19,95 €
The Legend Is Now (7inch EP, 33rpm, PS, SC)
Joe Clay: The Legend Is Now (7inch EP, 33rpm, PS, SC) Art-Nr.: 45ET15079

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​(2016/El Toro) 4 track EP, recorded in London, 2004. Previously released on CD ET 6030 Joe Clay 'The Legend Is Now'.
8,95 € 9,95 €
Be Bop Boogie Bop - Rock Little Lilly (7inch, 45rpm, PS)
Joe Clay: Be Bop Boogie Bop - Rock Little Lilly (7inch,... Art-Nr.: 45MAC131

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​(Mac Records) 2-Track single with picture sleeve, big jukebox center hole, rare!!
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The Legend Is Now (CD)
Joe Clay: The Legend Is Now (CD) Art-Nr.: CDET6030

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(El Toro) 13 nouveaux titres plus une interview enregistrée à Londres avec les El Toro Crackerjacks en 2004 - livret de 12 pages. .
14,95 €
Did You Mean Jelly Bean - Get On The Right Track (alt.) (7inch, 45rpm, PS. Ltd.)
Joe Clay: Did You Mean Jelly Bean - Get On The Right... Art-Nr.: 45JOE1

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(Custom Pressing) 2 Tracks - Deux Joe Clay Rockers, qui ne sont jamais sortis sur un 45 tours avant !
9,95 € 14,95 €