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VIBRATIONS Vibrations Out Of Sight - The Checker Years (2-CD)

Vibrations Out Of Sight - The Checker Years (2-CD)
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(RPM) 36 titres 1960-63 avec livret de 12 pages. Contient leur single Chess single release comme...plus

VIBRATIONS: Vibrations Out Of Sight - The Checker Years (2-CD)

(RPM) 36 titres 1960-63 avec livret de 12 pages. Contient leur single Chess single release comme THE MARATHONS'Peanut Butter' plus LP & Single sides et du matériel inédit. dernières copies !

Propriétés de l'article: VIBRATIONS: Vibrations Out Of Sight - The Checker Years (2-CD)

  • Interpret: VIBRATIONS

  • Titre de l'album: Vibrations Out Of Sight - The Checker Years (2-CD)

  • Label RPM

  • Genre R&B, Soul

  • Année de publication 2004
  • Artikelart CD

  • EAN: 5013929527829

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Vibrations - Vibrations Out Of Sight - The Checker Years (2-CD) CD 1
01 The Watusi VIBRATIONS
02 Wallflower VIBRATIONS
04 Love Me Like You Should VIBRATIONS
07 Doing The Slop VIBRATIONS
08 So Little Time VIBRATIONS
09 Serenade Of The Bells VIBRATIONS
10 Time After Time VIBRATIONS
11 People Say VIBRATIONS
12 Sweet Slumber VIBRATIONS
14 Everlasting Love VIBRATIONS
15 Talk That Talk VIBRATIONS
16 I Still Love You VIBRATIONS
17 Continental With Me Baby VIBRATIONS
18 The Junkeroo VIBRATIONS
Vibrations - Vibrations Out Of Sight - The Checker Years (2-CD) CD 2
01 Peanut Butter VIBRATIONS
02 Down In New Orleans VIBRATIONS
03 Don't Say Goodbye VIBRATIONS
04 Stranded In The Jungle VIBRATIONS
05 All My Love Belongs To You VIBRATIONS
06 Let's Pony Again VIBRATIONS
07 What Made You Change Your Mind VIBRATIONS
08 Over The Rainbow VIBRATIONS
10 The New Hully Gully VIBRATIONS
13 Hamburger On A Bun VIBRATIONS
14 Since I Fell For You VIBRATIONS
15 May The Best Man Win VIBRATIONS
16 Dancing Danny VIBRATIONS
17 Don't Say Goodbye VIBRATIONS
18 All My Love Belongs To You VIBRATIONS
The Vibrations The Watusi After half a decade of recording under a variety of names (they... plus

The Vibrations

The Watusi

After half a decade of recording under a variety of names (they waxed the original Stranded In The Jungle in 1956 as The Jayhawks), the L.A.-based Vibrations broke through in '61 with a sizzler tailor-made for one of the flashiest dance outfits in the business.  If The Watusi sounded familiar to the listeners that pushed it to #13 R&B and #25 pop during the spring of '61, it was a musical clone of Hank Ballard and The Midnighters' Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go, an R&B chart-topper only a few months prior (it's on the previous edition of 'Street Corner Symphonies').

"That song was actually, it was a guy by the name of Ralph Bass. He worked with the Midnighters," says Vibrations lead singer Carlton Fisher. "That song is 'Thrill On The Hill,' actually. The first part of it, if you listen to it carefully, is the same song. Actually, it's got Johnson and Bass and somebody else on there, but it was actually written by everybody in the group. We all wrote it together, but at that time, stupid things were happening. We were young. So we just put a lot of stuff in one of the guys in the group's name. It was the worst mistake I ever made."

Checker producer Bass' involvement was obscured by registering his wife's name, Shirley Hall, as co-writer (she was a choreographer). First tenor James Johnson was the only Vibration to share in the writers' credits; Leslie Temple was their L.A. manager. Tenor Ricky Owens, baritone Dave Govan, and bass Don Bradley were shut out the way Fisher was. Cut October 31, 1960 in Chicago, The Watusi was cut with a band steeped in the blues that Chess specialized in: former Lionel Hampton saxman Johnny Board (whose solo is so close to Hank Moore's on Let's Go that it's practically undistinguishable), guitarist Matt Murphy from Memphis Slim's band, pianist Lafayette Leake, adventurous electric bassist Reggie Boyd, and drummer Phil Thomas. Its flip, Wallflower, rocked even harder.

As if they weren't busy enough churning out dance fare for Checker in the wake of The Watusi (Continental With Me Baby, The Junkernoo, Let's Pony Again), The Vibrations cut a demo in L.A. of a tongue-in-cheek (Baby) Hully Gully takeoff called Peanut Butter for producer H.B. Barnum, intended for The Olympics. Instead, it was sold to Arvee Records, which billed the group as The Marathons, and it became a Top 20 pop hit in the summer of '61. "Evidently the demo turned out good enough that he went on and put it out," says Fisher. "It surprised everybody." Especially Leonard Chess, who ended up putting Peanut Butter back out on Chess under the awkward billing 'The Vibrations, Named by Others as the Marathons.'

The Vibrations went on to wax the original My Girl Sloopy for Atlantic, their next hit in the spring of '64, then shifted their emphasis to ballads (notably their classic rendition of Misty), midway through the decade under the supervision of Chicago producer Carl Davis for OKeh. Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff worked with the group at OKeh during the late '60s (The Vibrations had moved their base of operations to Philly by then), then brought them onto their short-lived Neptune label. Owens left The Vibrations in 1971 to join The Temptations (bad move; he was soon back). Carlton left in '73, though at last look he was heading a new group of Vibrations. Owens died December 6, 1996. 

Various Street Corner Symphonies 1961 Vol.13

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