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Elvis Presley Presleyana IV - The Elvis Presley Record Price Guide

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Jerry Osborne, Paperback, 21x27 cm, 342 pages, b/w label & cover pics INTRODUCTION Hello...plus

Elvis Presley: Presleyana IV - The Elvis Presley Record Price Guide

Jerry Osborne, Paperback, 21x27 cm, 342 pages, b/w label & cover pics

Hello T-r-o-u-b-l-e
Roughly one year before the pages of this book were due at the printer, we knew we were in trouble. Due to some bizarre scheduling on the part of three different publishers, we committed to produce nine — yes, nine — books in one year, from July 1996 to August '97. Presleyana is one of the titles caught up in that conglomeration. Fortunately, knowing so many Elvis dealers, it was also one of the two books we could get some editing help with. (Movie/TV Soundtracks & Original Casts being the other.) Having a good knowledge of recent sales and current trends were requirements, not to mention being willing and able to devote several months to the project. When discussing the task with Bob and Carbl Alaniz, of Soundz Good Records, it became clear we found a match.

Bob, along with a separate team of advisors he recruited, began by wading through the existing data base, updating prices and adding listings as needed. He also poured through all of the mail from readers, making corrections and absorbing suggestions. When Bob and Co. finished phase one, the files were returned to us in Washington for further fine-tuning and all the finishing touches. Without the help of Bob and Carol, and friends, it is doubtful this guide could have been completed in time for the 20th Anniversary events and the annual August extravaganza in Memphis: International Elvis Tribute Week. But they TCB'ed —they took care of business. Thanks for a job well done.

For those who may have missed the previous edition of this guide, Presleyana Ill, it was there that we introduced the two most consequential modifications in Elvis price guide history: separate pricing for all the pieces that make up a "package," and precise individual identification of pressings. By way of review: There may be 30 or so different pressings made of an album during a period with only three different label designs in use. Our introduction of separate identification of the minor as well as the major variations enables one to accurately match a disc and its appropriate, or original, cover — along with any germane insert, inner sleeve, bonus, or sticker. Lacking this information, one could not easily distinguish whether a cover for a black label dog on top Blue Hawaii is really one from 1961, or one that came with a 1973 orange label reissue. Despite the extensive research involved in preparing the information for Presleyana III, and the many additions and corrections made since that book came out (in 1992), there are still some releases that have yet to be validated. Each of these mavericks is marked "Verification Pending." Any input as to what makes these covers different from previous ones would be appreciated and will be incorporated in future editions. One of the most revealing aspects of cover appraising occurs when the exact same jacket is used on later issues. Whether RCA
reprinted from earlier cover slick artwork, or simply continued using covers from an earlier printing, the effect still creates a lower price on the original printing than usual. To indicate this anomaly, something along the lines of: "Price reflects RCA's continued use of this same cover, with no discernible differences" will appear. This should make it possible for you to know whether a cover for a late '60s issue is identical to ones used in the early '60s, or if an early '60s disc is in fact in a late '60s cover. As with every new Presley guide we do, label and cover descriptions have once again been expanded. To merely identify a cover as having the catalog number at the upper right, or lower left, as in earlier guides, doesn't begin to adequately describe and differentiate cover variations. As to the separate pricing for each part, the feedback we have received is that, while it takes some getting used to, it is truly the only sensible approach — especially when it comes to Elvis Presley collectibles. Only then can the difference between packages where the bulk of the value is in the cover, such as the Chicken of the Sea Aloha from Hawaii Via Satellite or International Hotel box sets, be sorted out from those where the greater value is in the disc, such as Elvis (LPM-I382) with the alternate take of Old Shep. Separate pricing appears in all three sections of the guide, although only in the EP and LP chapters are grand totals given for complete packages. Adding up all of the parts of a package for you will eliminate your having to total the appropriate numbers.

Do not, however, automatically use the total package price if any of the significant parts are missing. For singles, where the individual parts are pretty much limited to a disc and a picture sleeve, the totals are quite easy to figure. Whenever possible, we provide recording serial numbers. Having these serial — or identification — numbers in hand, it is not necessary to play the record to know if it is the 35 rpm single of He Touched Me, or It's Now Or Never without the piano track, or Elvis: A Legendary Performer, Vol. 2 without the false starts and outtakes. Each of these oddities has a take number unique unto itself. RCA's production procedure becomes clearer all the time and makes it easier for us to understand how many of their manufacturing errors came to be, as well as why so many corrections are found on their stampings. New in this edition is a supplement to our record manufacturing chapter. By William Brown, this essay digs even deeper into RCA's pressing plants, label makers, and identification coding.

How the Prices Are Determined
Apart from the information supplied by this edition's editor, Bob Alaniz, many of the world's most active dealers and collectors of Presleyana also reviewed the listings, making corrections to existing data, adding new material, and, of course updating prices...

Propriétés de l'article: Elvis Presley: Presleyana IV - The Elvis Presley Record Price Guide

  • Interpret: Elvis Presley

  • Titre de l'album: Presleyana IV - The Elvis Presley Record Price Guide

  • Genre Rock'n'Roll

  • Année de publication 1997
  • Sprache Englisch
  • Kategorie Nachschlagewerk
  • Einband Broschiert
  • Autor Jerry Osborne
  • ISBN-13 978-0932117267
  • Seiten 342
  • Verleger Osborne Enterprises
  • Größe 21,2 x 27,3 x 2 cm
  • ISBN-10 0932117260
  • Artikelart Bücher/Books

  • EAN: 9780932117267

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Elvis Presley Elvis Aaron Presley - Le Roi du Rock'n'Roll (8 janvier 1935, Tupelo, MS - 16... plus
"Elvis Presley"

Elvis Presley

Elvis Aaron Presley - Le Roi du Rock'n'Roll

(8 janvier 1935, Tupelo, MS - 16 août 1977, Memphis, TN)

Elvis Presley (nom complet Elvis Aaron Presley) est la personnalité la plus remarquable dans le showbiz depuis, et l'amuseur le plus populaire que le monde n'a jamais vu ! Son influence musicale au sein de l'histoire de la musique et des générations suivantes de musiciens est toujours ininterrompue. Son énorme'Blast-Off' au milieu des années 1950, l'étoile montante d'un'Hillbilly Cat' (chez Sun Records) à un chanteur de Rock'n'Roll lascif au charisme charismatique, un symbole sexuel masculin (alors chez RCA Victor) l'a rapidement popularisé comme "The King of Rock'n'Roll" ou simplement "The King".

Sa première coupure dans sa formidable carrière s'est produite entre octobre 1958 et mars 1960 alors qu'Elvis était en service avec l'armée américaine et stationné en Allemagne. C'est là qu'en 1959, il rencontre sa future épouse Priscilla Beaulieu à l'âge de 14 ans. Elvis et Priscilla se sont mariés le 1er mai 1967 à Las Vegas (divorce en 1973). Elvis est devenu un artiste complet après son service dans l'armée et a commencé à jouer dans des films hollywoodiens. 33 films au total, y compris les deux documentaires de concert'That's The Way It's The Way It Is' et'On Tour'. Il a encore une fois ébranlé le monde avec son émission spéciale NBC Comeback TV de 1968 après sa période cinématographique sans aucune apparition sur scène.

Cette émission spéciale comprenait la toute première session débranchée présentée avec des musiciens de la première heure tels que Scotty Moore et D.J. Fontana. 1973 a vu LE méga événement télévisé : Elvis Presley,'Aloha From Hawaii via Satellite' ! L'apparition d'Elvis à Honolulu, la première fois qu'une émission a été diffusée dans le monde entier par satellite ! Il était en avance sur son temps ! Elvis Presley a eu 148 hits de charts simples aux Etats-Unis, y compris ce qu'on appelle le double-sider quand A- et B-side ont tous les deux frappé les charts comme son smash de 1956'Don't Be Cruel n/w Hound Dog', plus 15 hits de EP entre 1956 et 1977. Deux milliards de médias et de supports sonores vendus par Elvis Presley est le chiffre estimé ! Il a reçu 14 nominations aux Grammy jusqu'en 1978 et trois Grammy pour ses interprétations évangéliques. Elvis était le plus jeune artiste lorsqu'il a reçu le prix Bing Crosby Award (Lifetime Achivement Award) en 1971.

Il est présenté dans 5 Halls of Fame (Rock'n'Roll, Rockabilly, Country, Blues et Gospel). Six de ses interprétations de chansons sont rassemblées au Grammy Hall of Fame. En plus, Elvis Presley a obtenu le plus grand nombre de disques d'or et de platine et un Diamond-Award. Il est l'artiste solo le plus vendu de l'histoire des États-Unis (RIAA - Record Industry Association of America) ! Elvis Presley CD albums, disques vinyles comme LPs ou singles à 45rpm - Bear Family offre un grand nombre de CDs Elvis Presley, vinyl-LPs et 45rpm singles, coffrets vinyles et CDs, livres et mags, DVDs, souvenirs uniques et extraordinaires ! Disons dans les mots d'un des titres de l'album des années 60 d'Elvis : "Il y a "Quelque chose pour tout le monde" ! Et hé, tu n'as qu'à le dire ! Elvis Presley est le Roi du Rock'n'Roll, la plus grande icône du show-business, et une grande personne qui vit éternellement !
Bear Family Records traite son héritage avec le plus grand respect et une capacité optimale d'expertise.


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