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Elvis Presley Greater Than Ever - Jailhouse Rock Joseph A.Tunzi & Jim Hannaford

Greater Than Ever - Jailhouse Rock Joseph A.Tunzi & Jim Hannaford

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Elvis Presley: Greater Than Ever - Jailhouse Rock Joseph A.Tunzi & Jim Hannaford

Video von Elvis Presley - Greater Than Ever - Jailhouse Rock Joseph A.Tunzi & Jim Hannaford

(JAT) Hardcover, 23x26.5 cm, 112 pages of great and rare color and b&w photos.
Rare original stock copies with 2010 pocket calendar (9.6x5.6 cm)

Jailhouse Rock: An Appraisal
by Mike Eder

Elvis Presley's film career has often been viewed as a wasted opportunity, but at least a third of his efforts broke away from what was to become the typical formula of girls, fights, and blithe songs. Several of these films even showed Elvis off to his full potential. One that fully captured the mood, the music, and the mores of its era was Jailhouse Rock. Anecdotes concerning the Jailhouse Rock recording sessions and filming have been oft repeated over the years. Here I would like to instead examine the intricacies of the final product. Not only is it among the best Elvis Presley movies, but it also may just be one of the most potent films of its era. Is there any other film that so succinctly captures the rebellion of early rock and roll? Right before your eyes you can see the changing of the guard.

Unlike most cinematic ventures from the fifties and sixties addressing the rock and roll phenomenon, Jailhouse Rock wasn’t a teen movie. Sure, Elvis’ name on the marquee was going to bring his young fan base in, but this was a movie made for a mature audience. The thematic sensuality and violence wasn't watered down - this was an intelligent movie that never took on the condescending tone of most Presley films. Not once is Elvis’ accent or southern manner attacked. His character Vince Everett was not a sophisticate, but he was nobody’s fool. Everett was not some kid, but a full- grown man who drank and bedded women. Being that this was shot in 1957, the sexual chemistry between Vince and the various females he came across wasn’t handled in a tawdry way, but neither was sex presented as something that would lead to instant ruin...

Artikeleigenschaften von Elvis Presley: Greater Than Ever - Jailhouse Rock Joseph A.Tunzi & Jim Hannaford

  • Artiste Elvis Presley

  • Albumtitel: Greater Than Ever - Jailhouse Rock Joseph A.Tunzi & Jim Hannaford

  • Seiten 112
  • ISBN-10 1888464224
  • Größe 27x24x1cm
  • ISBN-13 9781888464221
  • Kategorie Biografien & Erinnerungen
  • Format BUCH
  • Sprache Englisch
  • Einband Gebundene Ausgabe
  • Verleger JAT Publishing
  • Autor Joseph A. Tunzi
  • Catégorie Rock 'n' Roll
  • Music Genre Rock 'n' Roll
  • Music Style Elvis Presley Books
  • Music Sub-Genre 247 Elvis, Books
  • Titre Greater Than Ever - Jailhouse Rock J.A.Tunzi
  • Release date 2009
  • Marque BOOKS
  • Sous-catégorie Rock - Rock'n'Roll
  • EAN/GTIN 9781888464221

  • Poids en kg 0.770

Description du fabricant "Presley, Elvis"

Elvis Presley

Geboren am 8. 1. 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi, gestorben am 16. 8. 1977 in Memphis, Tennessee.

Elvis Presley, populärster und erfolgreichster Interpret der Musikgeschichte.

Stichworte einer Mega-Karriere: Lastwagenfahrer. Sun Records.
Manager und Mastermind: Colonel Tom Parker (richtiger Name: Andreas Cornelius van Kuijk aus Breda, Holland).
Elvis Presley Filme: 33 (inklusive der Dokumentationen 'That's The Way It Is' und 'On Tour').
1973: TV-Ereignis 'Aloha From Hawaii'.
Eintritt in die Armee: 24. 3. 1958 als Soldat mit der Kennummer 53310761.
US-Single-Hits von 1956 bis zu seinem Tod 1977: 148 (davon 15 im EP-Format). Weitere Hits posthum.

Die geschätzte Zahl weltweit verkaufter Presley-Tonträger variiert: Es dürften annähernd zwei Milliarden sein. Vom 1. 10. 1958 (Ankunft mit der USS Randall in Bremerhaven) bis 2. 3. 1960 (Rückflug ab Rhein-Main in Frankfurt) war Elvis Presley im hessischen Friedberg stationiert. Hier hatte er am 14. 9. 1959 die 14jährige Priscilla Beaulieu kennengelernt, die er am 1. 5. 1967 heiratete (Scheidung 1973). Auf der Single 'Wooden Heart' von 1960 streute Elvis Presley deutsche Text-Passagen ( - 'Muß i denn, muß i denn zum Städtele hinaus' usw.) ein.

Aus dem Bear Family Buch - 1000 Nadelstiche von Bernd Matheja - BFB10025 -

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