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LEWIS, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jerry Lee Nick Tosches: Hellfire (Deutsch)

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LEWIS, Jerry Lee: Lewis, Jerry Lee Nick Tosches: Hellfire (Deutsch)

"(2007) Broché, 272 pages , traduit par Jürgen Behrens , avec une postface de Sky Nonhoff & Oliver Huzly , (édition Tiamat, 12.5x21 cm) a été appelé le «Killer» Jerry Lee Lewis, l'homme sauvage du rock ' n 'roll . Son chemin mène des barres de plongée les plus sombres au sommet des charts internationaux - et le dos. Être accueillis en 1957 de Sun Records "" Whola Lotta Shakin ' Goin ' On"" est un succès sensationnel, et qui a entendu la chanson une fois , il ne sera jamais oublier. Il vente dans dix-huit mois, 31 millions de disques, met le trône d'Elvis et dangereusement proche de tout perdre lorsque sa tableaux incestueux et bigamis mariage avec une cousine de treize ans pénètre au public. Et ce n'est que le début. Toute la vie de Jerry Lee Lewis est entraîné par le même rythme fou, fouettée toujours précédé ses coups explosifs imparable. L'amour , la mort, la violence , l'alcool , la drogue , le triomphe , la rédemption ... Hellfire . Le portrait d'époque d'un grand anti- héros américain qui a réinventé aux côtés d'Elvis et Chuck Berry rock and roll. Une des légendes les plus passionnants et les plus fous du rêve américain. Hellfire est le meilleur livre jamais écrit sur un rocher et musiciens de roulis - rien de tout cela venant fermer ... Greil Marcus . Avec une grande force et d'empathie Tosches raconte les premières années de la Jerry Lee Lewis ... ( Badische Zeitung ) . -"

Artikeleigenschaften von LEWIS, Jerry Lee: Lewis, Jerry Lee Nick Tosches: Hellfire (Deutsch)

  • Artiste LEWIS, Jerry Lee

  • Albumtitel: Lewis, Jerry Lee Nick Tosches: Hellfire (Deutsch)

  • Format BUCH
  • Sprache Deutsch
  • Einband Taschenbuch
  • Catégorie Rock 'n' Roll
  • Music Genre Books Music / Bücher Musik
  • Music Style Books / Bücher Artists
  • Music Sub-Genre 401 Books/Artists
  • Titre Nick Tosches: Hellfire (Deutsch)
  • Sous-catégorie Rock - Rock'n'Roll
  • EAN/GTIN 9783893201198

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Description du fabricant "Lewis, Jerry Lee"

'You shake my nerves and you rattle my brain' - The story of a Killer!

Jerry Lee LewisIt must have been raining great balls of fire in Ferriday, Louisiana, on September 29 1935 when Jerry Lee Lewis saw the light of day for the first time. He was born in the same year as Elvis Presley and it should take some twenty years only until he and some others changed the musical world forever!

His parents did nearly everything for the young Jerry Lee. Even that they were living in poverty they managed to get piano lessons for him.
Lewis was quick on the spot showing his immense talent which forced his parents to save some money to purchase him a piano.
Jerry Lee soon got his own unique style on the piano, mixed out of the sounds he could listen to in his neighborhood or on radio: Boogie Woogie, Rhythm & Blues, Gospel and Country music. The southern boy was ready for the world with his pumpin' piano at the tender age of fourteen! He already got the sound that made him famous some years later!

Only his parents had different plans with him but Jerry Lee was kicked out of what was something like a preacher college. The reason was wildest Boogie Woogie staccato piano playing on a chuch organ a few times!
Some years later when he was of legal age he boogied away from his far away as possible, he must have thought. Yes, he was going to Memphis, Tennessee! The 'Mecca' of all these Boogie - and early Rock'n'Roll vagabonds.

Memphis was easy in finding bar jobs playing all night for a few bucks. During the daytime Jerry Lee went to Sam Phillips' Sun studio but Phillips wasn't interested in piano sounds as he was looking for Presley sound-alike guitar men. Meanwhile Phillips went on vacation. Some rumors say that Jerry Lee hung around the Sun studio for days, saying he wouldn't leave until someone will invite him for a session. That worked! Sun producer Jack Clement felt sorry for this poor guy outside Sun doors and the session became reality.

This is how the story began and the rest is musical history in its highest form: 'Crazy Arms', a Country tune by Ray Price played with a Boogie beat, became Jerry Lee's first national hit in late '56. Followed by 'Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On' which brought him to the peak position of the charts! Everything went quickly like drop shots, 'Great Balls Of Fire', 'High School Confidential', 'Breathless', movie and TV, everyone wanted him. That Louisiana wild man has showed the world how to play a Rock'n'Roll piano!

Jerry Lee Lewis continued despite all ups and downs in his career from various constant scandals. But ain't he got the right on his side? This is Killer-Rock'n'Roll in its purest form! His legendary live shows at the famous Hamburg Star-Club in 1964 brought him back to world stardom. The 'Live at the Star-Club'-LP had been honored as the best live recordings to date!

There exist many stories and rumors around Jerry Lee Lewis' alias - The Killer - and yeah, his sound is a piano killing sound! There is this anecdote that Jerry Lee had burned down his piano while playing a wild version of 'Whole Lotta Shakin' ' at the final end of his performance at an Alan Freed Show, Paramount Theatre, New York City, in the late 1950s! 
Chuck Berry's performance had to happen after him...

The musical story of the Killer is now saved for the posterity on many Bear Family Records box sets with its regular high quality standard, containing vivid and picturesque books with scientific details and a guarantee for a listening experience.

There's only ONE King but there's only ONE Killer - JERRY LEE LEWIS!

One last word has to be added: 'Shake, Baby, Shake!'

MM/Bear Family Records

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