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venturesmania feat.n.edwards: Bound & Sidejacked Again! (& Nokie Edwards)

Genre:Revival Rock & Roll/Rockabilly

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Bound & Sidejacked Again! (& Nokie Edwards)
(2012/MAJO LABEL) 16 tracks with various players on lead! amazing old school guitar work. (Mosrite Guitars). Recorded at Ecco-Fonic Studios in Hollywood, California.
venturesmania feat.n.edwards: Bound & Sidejacked Again! (& Nokie Edwards)
Medium 1
001 The Lonely Matador (lead: Nokie Edwards)
002 Mutant Bem (lead: Garrett Immel)
003 Shed Me No Tears (lead: Deke Dickerson)
004 Gunfight At The Nokie Corral (lead:N.Edwards)
005 Do The Frank Sidebottom (lead: Mel Bergman)
006 Johnny Remember me (lead: Deke Dickerson)
007 Bound & Sidejacked Again (lead: G.Immel)
008 Honest Engine (lead: Deke Dickerson)
009 Shoreline Gold (lead: Garrett Immel)
010 Fidelio (lead: Mel Bergman)
011 Nancy's Minuet (lead: Deke Dickerson)
012 Rightside Faster (lead: Mel Bergman)
013 A Piece Of The Action (lead:Garrett Immel)
014 Sin A Lonely City (lead: Deke Dickerson)
015 Bye Bye Billy (lead: Mel Bergman)
016 Sweetheart Deal (lead: Nokie Edwards)
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