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rainwater, marvin: Rainwater, Marvin Classic Recordings 4-CD-Box & 36-Page Book

Genre:Bear Family CD/CD-Box

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Rainwater, Marvin Classic Recordings 4-CD-Box & 36-Page Book
Il était trimestre Cherokee - et une chanteuse pleine de sang. Marvin était aussi l'un de ces gars qui ont fait la musique un peu à gauche du centre. Il était un genre différent de chanteur de country, et puis un autre type de rock 'n' rouleau. Il a vu son plus grand succès avec 'Gonna Find Me A Bluebird', mais il ya beaucoup plus ici - comme «The Pale Face indien», plus tard repris comme «réserve indienne». A partir d'une démo a coupé le jour Hank Williams est mort, cet ensemble comprend tous les enregistrements effectués jusqu'à et y compris ses côtés Warner Bros en 1969. Le duo avec Connie Francis est inclus, ainsi que de Hot And Cold »,« Whole Lotta Woman 'rock incroyable' n 'roll côtés, je vous creusez Baby', 'M. Blues »et« Half Breed ». C'est tout ce que vous avez besoin d'entendre par un vrai franc-tireur.
rainwater, marvin: Rainwater, Marvin Classic Recordings 4-CD-Box & 36-Page Book
Medium 1
001 Daddy's Glad You Came Home
002 Albino (Pink Eyed) Stallion
003 Sticks And Stones
004 Tea Bag Romeo
005 Tennessee Houn' Dog Yodel
006 Dem Low Down Blues
007 Where Do We Go From Here
008 Hot And Cold
009 Mr. Blues
010 Get Off The Stool
011 What Am I Supposed To Do
012 (Sometimes) I Feel Like Leaving Town
013 Why Did You Have To Go And Leave Me
014 Gonna Find Me A Bluebird
015 Cause I'm A Dreamer
016 So You Think You've Got Troubles
017 Look For Me (I'll Be Waiting For You)
018 Wayward Angel
019 My Brand Of Blues
020 My Love Is Real
021 Lucky Star
022 The Majesty Of Love (& CONNIE FRANCIS)
023 You, My Darling You (& CONNIE FRANCIS)
024 Whole Lotta Woman (undubbed version)
025 Whole Lotta Woman
026 That's The Way I Feel
027 Baby, Don't Go
028 Two Fools In Love (& PATTY RAINWATER)
029 Because I'm A Dreamer (& PATTY RAINWATER)
030 Down In The Cellar
Medium 2
001 Moanin' The Blues
002 Gamblin' Man (Roving Gambler)
003 I Dig You Baby
004 Dance Me Daddy
005 Nothin' Needs Nothin' (Like I Need You)
006 (There's Always) A Need For Love
007 No Good Runaround
008 (Don't Be) Late For Love
009 The Last Time
010 Can I Count On Your Love (& PATTY RAINWATER)
011 Let Me Live Again (& PATTY RAINWATER)
012 Lonely Island
013 Born To Be Lonesome
014 Love Me Baby (Like There's No Tomorrow)
015 That's When I'll Stop Loving You
016 A Song Of New Love
017 Halfbreed
018 The Valley Of The Moon
019 Young Girls
020 The Pale Faced Indian (Lament Of The Cherokee
021 Wayward Angel
022 Hard Luck Blues
023 She's Gone
024 Yesterday's Kisses
025 You're Not Happy
026 I Can't Forget
027 Boo Hoo
028 Tough Top Cat
029 (There's A) Honky Tonk In Your Heart
Medium 3
001 Do It Now
002 It Wasn't Enough
003 That Little House
004 Part Time Lover (& BILL GUESS)
005 That Aching Heart (& BILL GUESS)
006 Love's Prison (& BILL GUESS)
007 These Thoughts Of You/Bad Girl (& BILL GUESS)
008 I Saw Your New Love Today (& BILL GUESS)
009 My Old Home Town
010 Branded
011 It Wasn't Enough
012 Sing The Girls A Song
013 Indian Burial Ground
014 The Black Sheep
015 Troubles My Little Boy Had
016 Sorrow Brings A Good Man Down
017 I Want Your Heart
018 Talk To Me
019 Run For Your Life Boy
020 The Old Gang's Gone (& BILL GUESS)
021 Cold Woman (double tracked vocal)
022 Oklahoma Hills
023 Wedding Rings (& PATTY RAINWATER)
024 Let Me Live Again
025 I Love My Country
026 Burning Bridges
027 Black Jack McClain
Medium 4
001 Hit And Run Lover
002 Korea's Mountain Northland
003 Tainted Gold
004 Don't Tell My Boy (In Prison Living A Lie)
005 Don't Try To Change Your Little Woman
006 Do You Want To Know
007 Engineer's Song (The Boy And The Engineer)
008 Freight Train Blues
009 The Key
010 Let's Go On A Picnic
011 Moments Of Love
012 So Long
013 Teardrops
014 The Wanderer In Me
015 What You Got, You Don't Want
016 Would Your Mother Be Proud Of You
017 You Can't Keep A Secret
018 Love Me Baby (Like There's No Tomorrow)
019 (There's A) Honky Tonk In Your Heart
020 My Old Home Town (alt.)
021 The Old Gang's Gone (& BILL GUESS) (alt.)
022 Cold Woman (slow version) (alt.)
023 Wedding Rings (& PATTY RAINWATER)
025 Introduction
026 So You Think You've Got Troubles
027 Halfbreed
028 Whole Lotta Woman
029 I'll Always Be Lonely (& PATTY RAINWATER)
030 Wishful Thinking (& PATTY RAINWATER)
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